World-renowned science journalist and author, Alanna Mitchell, is crossing the pond from Canada and taking the stage at this year’s MAS Talks to discuss the topic on everyone's mind – the climate crisis and what we can do about it.

If you’re thinking of joining MAS to listen to Alanna’s fascinations with science and society, we thought we’d share five things about her remarkable career.

Number one

Alanna has written five (yes, FIVE) books

Alanna became known worldwide for her knack at turning tough scientific theories into digestible nuggets of information after publishing her first book, Dancing at the Dead Sea, in 2004. Since then, her library of works has gone on to include Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis and most recently, The Spinning Magnet, about the earth’s magnetic field. All of Alanna’s books explore her fascination with the intersection of science and society, while focusing on different topics from climate change to societal myths around cancer.

Number two

One of her books about climate change is now a critically acclaimed one-woman show

After her book Sea Sick became an international bestseller, Alanna decided to take the story from the page to the stage. Exploring how humanity is playing a part in global climate change, the play has toured in Canada, Australia and is on its way to the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August this year. Critics are calling the play “riveting”, “shockingly honest” and “life-changing”, but Alanna remains humble, explaining it simply as “an odd creature: a non-fiction play performed by a non-actor. Go figure.”

Number three

Alanna took part in a once-in-a-lifetime scientific expedition

Alanna grew up being afraid of the ocean, but when she was invited to take part in a life-changing expedition that would involve deep-sea exploration she had to put that fear to bed. Plummeting 3,000 feet below sea level in a state-of-the-art submarine, Alanna was witness to sea creatures that no other human being had seen before. She still recalls the experience as one of the scariest in her life.

Number four

She calls herself, first and foremost, a science and environmental journalist

Alanna, a Canadian Prairies native, has worked at some of the biggest newspapers in Canada and has been published in the likes of The New York Times, National Geographic and The Guardian. Her work has received consistent recognition worldwide during her remarkable career, which spans three decades. In 2010 she won the prestigious U.S. Grantham Prize for excellence in environmental journalism - but the list doesn’t end there. She was also named best environmental reporter in North America and in the world, respectively, by Reuters Foundation.

Number five

She is in the process of turning another of her books into a play

Alanna’s fourth book, Malignant Metaphor: Confronting Cancer Myths, explores a new way of looking at cancer in a world where blame and guilt surround the disease. After her beloved brother-in-law was diagnosed with the illness, Alanna threw herself into the latest research on what we actually know about cancer. She broke the science down into understandable chunks that everyone can comprehend and now wants to bring that to a live audience in what we expect to be another global success.

Alanna Mitchell on stage talking in front of black background


If you want to hear Alanna talk about the above, and much more, click here to book your tickets.