MAS Sponsorships - Creating a greater good, together

At MAS we’re committed to doing what we can to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of future generations of New Zealanders, and to a sustainable future. To help us achieve this, we support a range of conferences, events and activities that align with our Members, their families and wider communities. We also have a number of longstanding partnerships with our Members' professional bodies as well as some new professional groups.


We receive a large number of requests for sponsorship, so with limited resources we need to prioritise. If you have a project or activity you think we might like to support, please get in touch but before you do, here’s some guidance for what we might be looking for. Also note that we commit our budgets ahead of our financial year that starts 1 April each year.

Sponsorship Criteria

MAS is committed to building sponsorship relationships, partnerships and events that are socially responsible, strengthen our relationships with and support for Members, deliver business outcomes, and establish and reinforce the image of MAS.

We will consider sponsorships that:

  • Connect MAS with Members and targeted professional markets.
  • Provide networking and presentation opportunities.
  • Support our Charitable Purpose and the general themes: health, wellbeing and sustainability.
  • Enable us to demonstrate our unique attributes including our Mutuality, NZ heritage, and support for the sustainability of New Zealand. 
  • Provide opportunities for profile of our brand, products and services.
  • Provide opportunities and flexibility for leveraging activities.

It is unlikely that MAS will consider sponsorships for:

  • Activities where exclusivity in our business categories is not available.
  • Activities with multi-brand environments where principal status or exclusivity in our brand space is not available.
  • Activities that take place outside New Zealand or involve international audiences that are not eligible for Membership.
  • High-risk or anti-social activities.
  • Activities that go against our health, wellbeing and sustainability commitments.
  • Organisations that fail to exhibit transparency in their marketing and financial strategy and planning.
  • One-off ad hoc investments.
  • Individuals.

Contact us

To find out more about what we support and how to apply, please contact our Sponsorship and Event Manager: