twentyfour: merry christmas, happy holidays & a wonderfully good new year!

By MAS Team | 24 December 2019

And that's a wrap - 24 days of good deeds! If you're now keen to go out and volunteer a little of your time yourself but don't know what to do or which organisation to help (there are so many!) you can read up on all #masforgood advent calendar experiences below. If you're a keen baker, you could join Good Bitches Baking; if you love gardening, the amazing team over at Wellington Riding for the Disabled always needs a helping hand; tired and exhausted parents appreciate the volunteers at Ronald McDonald Houses all through the country, and a lot of us probably are eligible to donate blood, so why not do that?

Whatever you do, your time and effort really make a difference in the lives of others and our teams all really enjoyed their 'Here for Good' days. Have a wonderful rest of the year and here's to a good 2020!


Day one of our #masforgood advent calendar: Wellington Shoebox Christmas delivers Christmas presents, contained within a shoebox, to kids who might otherwise go without on Christmas Day. Read all about Tracey's 'Here for Good' experience behind the link!


Wanted: Toy donations for newborns and teenagers!
In 2018 The Wellington City Mission provided gifts for 2,100 children and distributed food and gifts to 44 community services agencies at Christmas time. This year the mission expects to help even more. If you are able to donate toys (especially for newborns and teenagers) the mission team would be really grateful! Read all about it here.


It's day three and our Christchurch branch team has been busy helping out with the Canterbury Charity Hospital and their Christmas gala, an annual event to help raise funds for Cantabrians in need. Read more...



On day four of our #masforgood advent calendar, Ange volunteered with Wellington Riding for the Disabled and helped plant a shelter box at Battle Hill Farm Forest Park. Read more here!


It's day five of our #masforgood advent calendar but more importantly, it's also International Volunteer Day! A big fat thank you to all volunteers out there - our beautiful country would look a lot different without you and we're grateful for everything you do.
And today's special thank you goes to Allie and Priya who collected donations for the Wellington Multiple Sclerosis Society



Have you heard of the Christmas Box Project? That's where our team up North spent their 'Here for Good Day'. They helped pack and deliver food boxes to neighbouring families in need. Well done, Morne, Fiona, Paul, Steve, and Sara! #masforgood #daysix


Our Exec team is in on it, too! On day seven of our #masforgood advent calendar the Executive Team took the opportunity to team up with Wellington City Council and planted native trees to combat climate change and protect our NZ natives.


Day eight of our #masforgood advent calendar is a wild and wet one, please be safe wherever you are and avoid driving on flooded roads!
It's a pretty good day to stay inside and do some baking, just like our teammate Lee.
#gbbaking #goodbitchesbaking


It's day nine of our #masforgood advent calendar and today we learn how much effort and how many volunteers it takes to keep Petone beach clean and weed-free. Read all about Colin's experience behind the link.


Day 10 of our #masforgood advent calendar - time sure is flying! Today our teammates Sara, Larry, and Bruce share their volunteering experience at Hospice Waikato:

"We really felt we were making a difference to them and everyone was so appreciative of just the little things such as having a clean car. It put into perspective how fragile life can be and made us appreciate the people we have in ours more."


What takes only a couple of minutes, gets you a biscuit, and saves lives? That's right: donating blood.
On day eleven of our #masforgood advent calendar, we join Phillippa who is a regular donor and explains how the whole thing works. Spoiler alert: it's really easy and you can book appointments through an app!


Day 12 of our #masforgood advent calendar features Kylee and Priya's day at Eat My Lunch.
Feeding hungry kiwis is such an amazing cause and they both loved helping to provide lunch for a little kiwi who otherwise might not have had any lunch that day.


On day thirteen of our #masforgood advent calendar, our teammate Anahera shares lessons learnt while collecting donations for The Wellington City Mission on Lambton Quay:

"I learnt that every little bit of time and effort you can invest to help or benefit others isn't wasted. No matter how little or how much you or anyone else does. It matters. I also learnt that 'people watching' is pretty fun and Wellingtonians have a pretty cool sense of style."


On day fourteen of our #masforgood advent calendar, Glen and three adviser colleagues helped out at Ronald McDonald House Charities New Zealand and prepared their outside furniture for the coming summer months. Great job, guys!

hub 15.png

On day fifteen of our #masforgood advent calendar, our Auckland team went out to help restore and protect Matuku Link - one of the largest wetlands that still exist in Auckland.
Amazing job, team!

hub 16.png

On day sixteen of our #masforgood advent calendar, Wellington team member, Anna tells us all about her contribution to North Porirua Care Centre by donating 100% of her class proceeds for their cause.

hub 17.png

It's day seventeen of our #masforgood advent calendar, and Ryan from our IT Business Analysts team helped The Wellington City Mission clean up an abandoned building that they plan to convert into housing for our homeless.

hub 18.png

On day eighteen of our #masforgood advent calendar, MAS took part in the fundraising initiative, Alofa Atu Day, in support of Samoa and their measles emergency.

MAS will be matching all staff donations made and donating all funds raised to the UNICEF New Zealand Samoa Measles Emergency Appeal.

hub 19.png

For day nineteen of our #masforgood advent calendar, a team from our Head Office took the opportunity to help out at HUHANZ and take care of animals in need, including their gorgeous new puppies!

hub 20.png

On day 20 of this year's #masforgood advent calendar, Michael ventured out to clean up his favourite beach. Here's how that went:
"Some people can still be careless with leaving their rubbish behind, but there is a growing awareness and I feel things are getting better."
If you're keen to clean, get in touch with the amazing folks over at Petone Beach Clean Up Crew!

hub 21.png

On day 21 of our #masforgood advent calendar, Alanah had to think outside the box if she wanted to help HUHANZ without leaving our Member Support Centre understaffed for the day. Here's how she pulled it off!

hub 22.png

On day 22 of our #masforgood advent calendar, our IT Test team helped the amazing folks of Wellington Group Riding for the Disabled plant grasses, shrubs, and trees at Battle Hill. Good job, you guys!

hub 23.png

Amanda has been donating blood since she was just 16. For day twenty-three of our #masforgood advent calendar she donated platelets. Here's how that went!

hub 24.png

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a wonderfully good new year!

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