Terms and Conditions

Interim cover is insurance we offer policy owners for up to 60 days while we assess an application for Life InsuranceRecovery Insurance, or Total and Permanent Disablement (“TPD") Insurance.

Interim cover is only available on the following terms: 

1. We will pay the policy owner an interim cover benefit if the person to be insured suffers an injury caused by violent, accidental, external, and visible means.

2. The interim cover benefit is the amount of cover you applied for in your application form, up to a maximum of:

  • $500,000 for applications for Life Insurance.
  • $150,000 for applications for Recovery Insurance.
  • $150,000 for applications for TPD.

3. There is no interim cover where:

  • the application is to replace an existing MAS policy for the same sum insured; or the person to be insured has previously had an insurance application refused or postponed or been offered non-standard terms by an insurer or where they have previously claimed under a disability policy with any insurer; or
  • the application is not accompanied by a payment method for future premiums which has been approved by MAS; or
  • we believe the application would have been deferred or accepted with special terms (e.g. loadings, exclusions or reduced benefit terms) once the underwriting assessment had been completed; or
  • is outside our then current underwriting criteria/guidelines.

4. An interim cover benefit will not be payable in respect of a claim arising as a direct or indirect result of any of the following:

  • a self-inflicted act of the person to be insured; or
  • participation in a criminal activity by the person to be insured; or
  • bodily injury to the person to be insured which occurred before the date of the application, or
  • the deliberate taking or using of non-prescription drugs, or any intoxicating substance including alcohol which renders the person to be insured incapable of normal personal care.

5. Interim cover ends, without notice, on the earliest of the following:

  • 60 days after the application was received by MAS; or
  • the policy commencement date; or
  • the risk commencement date of a cover applied for; or
  • the date the policy owner withdraws the application for cover; or
  • the date MAS declines to accept the cover; or
  • the date a claim payment is made for one of the proposed benefits.