Elective Scholarship


Dental students studying in New Zealand can apply for two scholarships of $500 each quarter to help towards their elective placement costs.

How to apply

For the elective period July 2019 – September 2019, students are asked to write up to 1,000 words on the question “Is an elective still a relevant part of a dental degree?"

All applications must be received on time, by email to scholarships@mas.co.nz with the subject line “MAS Elective scholarship - dental”. You must also include a cover letter (within the body of the email) stating the reason for your application and how the scholarship will benefit your upcoming elective experience.

Please ensure your application meets all the entry criteria and you have read the terms and conditions carefully. You will receive an automated email confirming the receipt of your application, if you do not, please check the email address you have used is correct.

Application Timing

Elective Period Applications Open Applications Close Judging Period Scholarship Awarded
8 Jul - 9 Aug 2019 7 Jun 2019 27 Jun 2019 28 Jun - 3 Jul 2019 4 Jul 2019 [CLOSED]
19 Aug - 20 Sep 2019 7 Jun 2019 2 Aug 2019 5 Aug - 9 Aug 2019 12 Aug 2019 [CLOSED]
23 Sep - 25 Oct 2019 7 Jun 2019 30 Aug 2019 2 Sep - 5 Sep 2019 9 Sep 2019

Scholarship Recipient Criteria

By submitting an entry for this Scholarship, the applicant agrees that if they win they will be required to share their elective experiences by:

  1. Writing a monthly blog on hub.mas.co.nz, including photos and/or video, and
  2. Writing a summary (or submitting a video) of the elective experience to show how the scholarship helped.

MAS reserves the right to recover the amount of any scholarship moneys paid to any successful applicant who breaches this term.

Additional Terms of the MAS Elective Scholarship

Please read the MAS Elective Scholarship terms and conditions for additional terms.