MAS Scholarships

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Like you, MAS is here to help and since 1921 we’ve been doing that by looking after the insurance and investment needs of New Zealand professionals. Many of our Members have joined us when studying so we know how important it is for students to have a financial provider they can trust and who is committed to supporting their achievement.

That’s why we offer a Here for Good scholarship for individuals studying in New Zealand who volunteer for a group, organisation, association or programme dedicated to the heath and wellbeing of others. We also provide a grant for student-led volunteer groups and organisations who's initiatives are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of others. 

Entry Criteria for all Here for Good scholarships

For applications to be accepted for judging, they must meet the following criteria:

To have a valid entry for any of the MAS Scholarships, applicants must:

  • be signed up to Join the Conversation.
  • be currently studying in New Zealand.
  • only one entry per person for the individual Here for Good scholarship, per quarter, will be accepted;
  • only one entry per student-led volunteer group or association for the group Here for Good scholarship, per quarter, will be accepted;
  • have demonstrated an active contribution or participation to a group, association, community activity or volunteer programme for the benefit of others (if applying for the MAS Here for Good Scholarship) in 2020-2021.
  • agree to comply with the terms and conditions.
  • Write an essay that:
    • answers the question stipulated by MAS;
    • is no longer than 1,000 words;
    • is the original work of the Applicant;
    • is emailed as a Microsoft Word document to with the subject line “MAS scholarship application”;
    • is typed, double line-spaced, with numbered pages and sources referenced using footnotes.

Footnotes must include:

  • author, title of publication, publisher if available, date or internet URL wherever possible for source references if applicable.
  • full name, year of study, place of study, name of programme, association, or group that you volunteer/ed with, email address and mobile number (if applying for the individual MAS Here for Good Scholarship).
  • the student-led volunteer group name and the full name, year of study, place of study of everyone who is applying on behalf of the group, the group and individual email address and one main contact mobile number (if applying for the group MAS Here for Good scholarship).

Entries that do not meet these criteria will not be read and are not eligible for the Scholarship applied for.

MAS and its judges are under no obligation to provide feedback on any entries, either during or after the competition.

Additional terms of the MAS Scholarships

Please read the MAS Scholarship terms and conditions for additional terms.

Scholarship Recipients

2019/Q2 MAS Here for Good Scholarship: Michaela Rektorysova

2019/Q2 MAS Dental Elective Scholarship: Tasha Paul

2019/Q2 MAS Dental Elective Scholarship: Ruby Richardson

2018/Q4 MAS Elective Scholarship: Rebecca Bromell

2018/Q3 MAS Elective Scholarship: Ye Li

2018/Q2 MAS Elective Scholarship: Eileen Song