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About MAS

A society for professionals

MAS is a membership-based society for professional people. Because we have experience dealing with professionals, we understand the specific needs you have. Traditionally we’ve drawn on the health professions and their families for the majority of membership. Over time, it has been our privilege to extend our services to a wider range of professionals. Today, over 29,000 Members trust us with their business.

Financial strength

The financial strength of MAS is reflected in the ratings carried by our insurance companies. The Financial Strength Rating and Solvency page contains important information about these ratings.

Our history

MAS was set up in 1921 by a group of doctors who felt that insurance companies weren’t meeting their needs. As a mutual, we can take a long-term and conservative approach to managing the risks we undertake on behalf of Members. Over the years, as membership has expanded, we’ve offered more and more of the products Members need, tailored for busy professionals.


MAS is governed by a Board of Directors, and managed on a day-to-day basis by our Chief Executive Officer.


Fair Insurance Code Logo Black

We are a member of the Insurance Council of NZ and adhere to the Fair Insurance Code, which provides you with assurance that we have high standards of service to our customers.