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MAS House Insurance offers a wide range of benefits to help ensure you never have to worry about the roof over your head. Whether it’s your own house, holiday home, rental or lifestyle property we have cover options we can tailor to you.

Your cover options

Agreed Value

Much like our Area Replacement cover, your house will be covered if damaged by a covered event e.g. a natural disaster. The only difference? Our liability will be limited to no more than the sum insured recorded in the policy schedule.

Sudden, accidental damage
Malicious damage
Fire and explosion
Weather damage
Legal liability



Automatic Additional Benefits

MAS House Insurance

Accidental death

If you are injured and, as a consequence, die as the result of a sudden accidental event, we will pay $20,000 to your estate.

Alternative accommodation

If your main residence is uninhabitable, we will pay up to $50,000 for the additional and reasonable costs for alternative accommodation while the property is being assessed and/or repaired.

Emergency entry

If emergency services cause damage to your property on entry, we'll cover it up to $10,000.

Emergency evacuation

We'll allow you to claim under the Alternative accommodation benefit when you are denied access to your house due to safety concerns or an emergency.

Glass breakage

Claims solely for accidental breakage of glass in windows, doors or screens of your house will not have an excess applied and your No Claims Bonus will not be affected.

Hidden gradual loss

In certain circumstances we'll provide up to $5,000 for hidden rot, hidden mildew or hidden gradual deterioration caused by water leaking from an internal source.

Intentional fire or explosion by guests

We'll provide cover for damage caused by a fire or explosion intentionally caused by any tenant, guest of a tenant or your guest.


If we've accepted a claim, you'll also be entitled for up to $5,000 to replant or repair damaged lawns, flowers, trees, hedges or shrubs or to pay for other reasonable landscaping costs.

Locks and keys

We will cover the reasonable cost of replacing locks and keys (including electronic access cards and transponders and remote door openers) if they have been lost, damaged, stolen or duplicated. You will not have an excess applied and your No Claims Bonus will not be affected.

Natural disaster damage

Your premium includes a levy which is paid to the Earthquake Commission under EQCover. EQCover provides cover for damage after a natural disaster, up to limits set by them. We provide natural disaster cover for your property not covered by EQCover and for damage in excess of EQCover limits.

New building work

If you're building a new structure we'll provide up to $20,000 to cover the new structure being built and any building materials that will be incorporated.

Protection costs

We'll pay up to $10,000 for reasonable costs incurred to protect a Member's property from loss, or following a loss, to minimise damage and prevent further loss. We will also pay the reasonable costs incurred to replenish your fire fighting equipment after it has been used to protect your house.

Tree removal

If we've accepted a claim, you'll also be entitled for up to $2,000 for the reasonable costs incurred for the removal of a fallen or partially fallen tree on your property.

You choose your repairer

You can select your own repairer.  If you select a repairer that we approve, we will guarantee the quality of their repairs completed under the claim.



What our Members say

As a mutual our Members are a top priority.

  • “Prices are very competitive with others and their policies are more comprehensive in their coverage - on top of that they put money back into the community.”

    MAS Member

  • “I love that MAS is member owned, there are great benefits to being a member other than just the insurance.”

    MAS Member

  • “MAS has looked after me for 63 years. I MUST be satisfied.”

    MAS Member

  • “My claim was picked up and sorted out immediately, allowing me to purchase a new phone in time for me to continue to work.”

    MAS Member



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