Invest in a more sustainable future.

By joining the MAS KiwiSaver Plan, you could have the funds to buy your first home or retire comfortably. And by following a responsible investment mandate we're doing what we can to make your future both sustainable and financially rewarding.

  • It’s quick and easy to join online
  • Our investment managers actively seek to optimise returns
  • Investments that are focused on a sustainable future

Choose the right fund for your future

At MAS we know everyone has different circumstances. That's why the MAS KiwiSaver Plan has seven funds to choose from - so you can choose a fund that meets your needs.

Cash Fund

Preserve capital by investing in a range of cash investments. Suited to investors who require an investment with very low volatility.

Conservative Fund

Preserve capital while receiving a steady return. This fund invests around 80% in income assets, with an exposure to around 20% in Growth assets. Suited to investors with a strong emphasis on the security of their savings over time and wish to have a high degree of stability in their return.

Moderate Fund

While investing in 65% in income assets and 35% in Growth assets this fund aims to provide stable returns and some capital growth over time. Suited to investors wanting a strong emphasis on the security of their savings, but also want a degree of capital growth.

Balanced Fund

Get capital growth with a fund that invests in a mix of around 45% in income assets and 55% in Growth assets. Suited to investors willing to accept moderate volatility and who are looking for long term growth.

Growth Fund

Opt for strong capital growth over the long term. This fund invests 75% in Growth assets and around 25% in income assets. This fund is likely to achieve higher returns over the long term and is more suited to investors who accept a higher level of volatility.

Aggressive Fund

This fund aims to provide very high growth over the long term. It invests around 85% in Growth assets and 15% in income assets. Suited to investors who accept its higher risk profile and greater volatility.

Global Equities Fund

This fund aims for very high growth over the long term. It invests around 100% in Growth assets and is suited to investors who accept its higher risk profile and greater volatility.

“MAS has certainly made a really big effort to get us to understand more about where they are investing our money, and in particular moving into more ethical investment products.”

Anna Sullivan, Emergency Medicine Specialist

Why invest with MAS?


Responsible Investments

We’ve established a responsible investment mandate across $1.5 b of funds, with our investments excluding companies from the tobacco, weapons and fossil fuels industries.


Zero Commission

Our advisers aren’t paid an incentive, which means they’re commission-free, and as a benefit of membership, their advice comes at no additional cost.


Charitable Status

We’re launching a Charitable Trust, which means any surplus will be returned to your communities to fund health research, promotion and education in New Zealand.

The Trustees of the MAS KiwiSaver Plan (the Plan) are the issuer and manager of the Plan. A copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available here. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the PDS, or for personal, tailored advice, you can talk to a MAS adviser by phoning 0800 800 627 or emailing