Choosing MAS as your preferred KiwiSaver scheme provider gives your business access to the tools and experts you need to support your employees’ financial wellbeing.

Why care about your employees’ financial wellbeing?

Financial wellbeing is about feeling secure about your financial situation, having control over your day-to-day finances, and being on track to meeting your savings goals.


According to Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission

  • 46% of employees worry about their finances
  • 58% of employers report 'financial illness' drives absenteeism
  • 83% of employers say employees' money problems interfere with their productivity.

How can we help your employees?

As one of their biggest assets, your employees’ KiwiSaver savings are an essential part of their financial wellbeing. Choosing MAS as your preferred KiwiSaver scheme provider ensures your employees are looked after financially, mentally, and physically:

  • Personal MAS adviser assigned to your business with direct dial support
  • Personal sessions with a MAS adviser to address employees’ KiwiSaver goals & insurance needs
  • Simplified KiwiSaver introduction for new employees, & MAS adviser assistance with fund choice & tax rate
  • Free confidential counselling sessions with EAP Services
  • Free access to Aki wellbeing hub to help look after employees’ mental and physical health.

Are your employee contributions aligned to your values?

Did you know many KiwiSaver scheme providers invest the money you contribute to your employees' KiwiSaver accounts in fossil fuels, weapons and tobacco?

That's why we:


We work hard for your employees

The MAS KiwiSaver Scheme has 7 different funds to suit your employees' different risk and return needs.

Fund Annual performance over 5 years*
Global Equities 11.9%
Aggressive 10.7%
Growth 9.7%
Balanced 7.9%
Moderate 6.1%
Conservative 4.5%
Cash 1.7%

*After fees, before tax annualised returns to 31 January 2021. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.


Why us?

  • As a 100-year-old mutual, everyone that joins MAS becomes one of our members
  • We reinvest any profits to ensure great service and value for our members
  • We established and fund the MAS Foundation, tackling health inequity in NZ communities. Over time, your employees' investment in the MAS KiwiSaver Scheme can help make a real difference.

The Product Disclosure Statement for the MAS KiwiSaver Scheme is available here.

Medical Funds Management Limited is the issuer and manager of the MAS KiwiSaver Scheme.