Find a copy of the full annual reports for each of the Schemes below:

MAS KiwiSaver Scheme

MAS Retirement Savings Scheme

Introducing new digital tools

We launched two new digital tools to help you make the most of your investment. The new Fund Finder helps you determine what fund best suits your needs. For KiwiSaver members, the KiwiSaver Retirement Calculator allows you to see how your decisions today could impact on your income in retirement.

Launching our first investments focused webinar

The event featured insights on investment markets and advice on making the most of your investment as well as offering you the opportunity to ask questions of our expert panel. The event proved very popular, and we plan to do more in the future.

MAS KiwiSaver Scheme was recognised for its responsible approach to investing

We (Medical Funds Management Limited, as the manager) joined a small group of other schemes in Aotearoa New Zealand, with all funds in the Scheme being designated “Mindful” by ethical investment charity Mindful Money - reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact through the Scheme’s investments. We were also a finalist in the Best Ethical KiwiSaver Provider category of the 2022 Mindful Money awards.

The MAS Retirement Savings Scheme also invests in the same way as the MAS KiwiSaver Scheme.

Investing with purpose

As a shareholder, we believe it’s possible to drive change from within. During the year we enhanced our proxy voting policy to emphasise triple bottom line value creation (people, planet, profit). This means we generally vote in support of social, workforce, and environmental shareholder proposals that enhance long-term shareholder and stakeholder value.

We’ve joined with others to drive change

We initiated a plan to engage with companies we invest in to campaign for human rights, labour rights, anti-corruption, and the environment. Over 100 companies will be engaged with each year in collaboration with other investment managers. Working with others enables us to leverage the collective shareholder influence of numerous investors and achieve greater impact than we could on our own.

Find a copy of the full annual reports for each of the Schemes below:

MAS KiwiSaver Scheme

MAS Retirement Savings Scheme

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A copy of the Annual Reports is also available on the Disclose Register – Scheme Register here.

Medical Funds Management Limited is the issuer and manager of the MAS KiwiSaver Scheme and MAS Retirement Savings Scheme. The Product Disclosure Statements are available here:

MAS KiwiSaver Scheme

MAS Retirement Savings Scheme

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