MAS Student Advisers hit the Victoria University campus in Wellington earlier in the year for O-Week, offering guidance to students navigating everything from student loan debt to early investing strategies. 

MAS Advisers Jacob Hattersley and Malcolm Dixon drew a steady stream of students to the MAS stall, which featured a game of cornhole and a range of merchandise for winners.  

"We've got new students coming to talk to us, fourth years, third years, and even people still in high school," said Malcolm. "Anyone who feels like they could benefit from having a bit of a chat with us, it's worthwhile doing." 

Many students at the stall mentioned the need for more support for understanding personal finances. "I think there's a lack in schools and at university in terms of financial advice, and just learning about finances and money," said one attendee. MAS Student Advisers are stepping in to fill the gap. 

MAS Student Advisers offer a unique advantage; accessibility paired with experience. As one student noted, "It's really helpful to get advice from people with a lot more experience than us." Another talked about the value of in-person support: "Being able to have a face-to-face conversation is a lot easier, especially as a lot of things are now done online or over the phone." 

MAS Advisers address a range of financial issues facing students. Student loan debt emerged as one significant concern. "I can't even live in the now right now. Why would I think about even a month down the road?" shared one student, highlighting the challenges of balancing immediate needs while studying with long-term financial planning. 

MAS provides students with advice at a time and place that suits them, to help with their financial goals. 

Learn more about our MAS Student Advisers and book an appointment to discuss your financial goals with them.

This article provides general information only and is not intended to constitute financial advice.

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