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Your business could be the only source of income for you and your employees. Having the right insurance is important to protect the livelihood of everyone involved.

Whether you're starting a new venture or running a big operation, a MAS Adviser can take the guesswork out of your business insurance needs.

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What we offer

Business Assets and Business Interruption

Business Assets

Cover for your commercial property, equipment and stock for physical loss or damage caused by weather-related events, earthquakes, fire, burglary, accident, and lost or damaged electronic equipment.

Business Interruption

If your business is impacted by an event, Business Interruption can cover the effects such as loss of insurable gross profit, fixed expenses and costs associated with resuming business.


General Liability

Injured someone or damaged someone's property while running your business? This cover can protect against the costs you may be liable to pay.

Employer's Liability

If one of your employees is injured by accident in connection with your business, this cover can protect you against the costs you might be liable to pay.

Statutory Liability

If you unintentionally commit a strict liability offence and are prosecuted, MAS provides Statutory Liability Cover. This covers fines and penalties as well as the defence costs you may need to pay.

Employment Disputes

If you (as an employer) unintentionally breach an employment agreement or the Privacy Act 2020, or the Human Rights Act 1993, our Employment Disputes Cover will cover you for the damages you'll need to pay under the law.

Employee Dishonesty

Employment Dishonesty Cover can protect for the loss of money or property that belongs to you, or is in your custody, because of an employee's dishonest actions including fraud.

Professional Indemnity

In highly regulated environments, there are risks associated with offering professional advice and services. This cover provides protection for costs to defend allegations against you or your business and costs to cover compensation or damages you are legally liable to pay.

Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers can have personal exposure if the company is unable to provide indemnity or if charges are brought against them for failing to exercise due diligence or care in their role. This cover provides protection for the cost of defending claims made against a director or officer of the business, and damages or settlements you are legally liable to pay.

Management Liability

Designed for smaller businesses, this package of insurance covers includes Directors & Officers Liability, Public Liability, Statutory Liability, Employee Dishonesty, Internet Liability and defence costs.

Association/Trustees Liability

Associations are exposed to a variety of risks and a wrongful act, error or breach of duty may result in financial loss. This policy can include cover for a director, secretary, officer, trustee, committee member or employee acting on behalf of the organisation. It covers costs incurred to respond to a regulator’s investigation, costs to defend allegations and costs to cover a compensation claim you are legally liable to pay.

Cyber Insurance

Protect your business from the risks of increasing cybercrime including brand and reputation damage, lost income and productivity, third party liability, regulatory and legal defences expenses and more.


Commercial Motor Vehicle

Motor vehicles are an essential part of business. This insurance can cover you if your vehicles are stolen, vandalised or involved in any third-party accidents. It can also cover you for trailers tipping over, damage caused to buildings or objects, and for windscreen replacement.

Contract Works Insurance

Cover for property damage, theft and vandalism, materials and equipment, materials in transit, professional fees and debris removal within contracted work. Cover should be arranged prior to work commencing, and can be extended to cover public liability and legal expenses.

Marine Insurance

Provides cover on both land and sea and includes accidental damage to goods, insured events such as collision, fire, theft, overturning and more.

Other Specialties

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