With community outbreaks in Auckland over the past few months, we have been working hard to make sure the service we provide our Members is unaffected.

We’re deeply grateful to Auckland Members for abiding by the lockdown restrictions to keep the rest of the country safe. Thank you as well to our health professionals, particularly those administering COVID-19 testing. We’re so grateful for your work on the frontline against the pandemic.

More Member Support Centre staff recruited

We have been busy recruiting more people for our Member Support Centre in recent months, to make sure we continue to manage your enquiries and claims in a timely manner. These new team members are based around the country, and we have set up all our Member Support Centre team to be able to work from home if they need to.

Don’t forget you can also go online to submit claims and request quotes for new insurance.

Financial and wellbeing support for Members

We want you to know that MAS will do whatever we can to support the mental, physical, emotional and financial wellbeing and resilience of our Members.

We recognise the pressures our Members have been facing in recent months, as alert level changes disrupt work, leisure and children’s schooling. As always, please get in touch with us if the lockdowns are placing you in financial difficulty, and remember we offer free counselling and support sessions with EAP Services. There is also free access for Members and their families to the online MAS Wellbeing Portal.

Covid-19/Coronavirus - Everything you need to know

If you’ve been wondering what sort of insurance cover you have for the virus, or how the volatility on financial markets might affect your MAS KiwiSaver or Retirement Savings Plan, here’s what you need to know.

Some disruption to supply chains

While our customer service has been unaffected by COVID-19, there has been some disruption to the supply chain bringing parts into New Zealand for house and vehicle repairs.

We are keeping an eye on the situation, and we’ll do our best to let Members know when they submit a claim whether are likely to be any delays in the repairs being carried out due to a lack of parts.

How does Coronavirus affect my life insurance?

Our life insurance, trauma, and total and permanent disablement policies do not treat coronavirus any differently from any other infectious disease. If you have one of our policies, you’re covered.

It’s not a pleasant thought but if you were to die as a result of coronavirus, your life insurance policy would pay out, as it would for death caused by any other infectious disease.

Similarly, our Professional Life Plan Recovery Insurance policy, which provides cover for Chronic Lung Failure and a number of other organ failures, would pay if all the other definitions of cover were met. We do not have any policy exclusions for coronavirus or other infectious diseases in our life, trauma, and total and permanent disablement policies.

 We don’t have any current plans to impose any additional conditions relating to the pandemic for new policies. However, we’re continuing to monitor the outbreak and it’s possible we may need to introduce exclusions for new policies in the future.

What does it mean for my income protection insurance?

Claiming under your Income Protection policy if you get COVID-19?

As with our life insurance policies, if you were to fall sick with coronavirus and are unable to work, you would be able to claim under our income protection policies, assuming you meet the other policy terms (for example, waiting periods and occupation definitions).

However, you won't be able to claim if you are not working solely because of the official lockdown period. This is because income protection only protects you if you are unable to work because of sickness or injury. For most people during the lockdown, they are at home because of the Government's instructions, not because they are sick. 

If you are working less than 20-hours per week

Your Income Security policy requires you to work, or be available to work, at least 20 hours per week. If you are currently meeting this threshold, and you continue to meet all other eligibility criteria under your policy, you remain fully covered. 

Some of our Members may have been working fewer than 20 hours per week over the past few months because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. If the reduction in hours is due to these extraordinary circumstances, and you continue to meet all other eligibility criteria under your policy, we will continue to provide Income Security cover for you until 25 June 2020. 

If it's likely you will continue to work fewer than 20 hours per week after 25 June 2020, or you reduce your work hours or availability to fewer than 20 hours per week, please contact us on 0800 800 627 or info@mas.co.nz to discuss options for continuing or suspending your cover. 

New Income Security cover policies

Some restrictions temporarily apply to the amount and type of cover we can offer Members. Your MAS Adviser will advise you of these and work with you to implement a solution which best meets your needs. 

Does Coronavirus have an impact on my business risk insurance?

If you have a business risk policy that includes Business Interruption cover and your business is interrupted because of coronavirus, you will not be able to claim under your policy. This is because there is a standard policy exclusion in the Business Interruption policy that excludes cover for infectious or contagious diseases (p. 11 of your policy).

My staff have taken work equipment home with them so they can keep working. Is this equipment still covered by my contents policy? 

Yes, this equipment is still covered by your Business Risk contents policy. Different types of equipment are treated in slightly different ways, which you can read about here.

If you’re a business owner and want to know about your obligations towards your staff and what government support you might be eligible to receive, we've put together some general advice.


How does COVID-19 affect my house, motor vehicle, contents or boat insurance?

The pandemic does not affect these types of insurance in any way. If you have one of these policies with us, you’re still covered. We are still processing claims normally but there may be delays in getting repairs carried out. 

Because of the lockdown, we've seen a decline in motor vehicle claims. We will be passing back the savings we've made on claim payouts to Members with motor vehicle insurance. We will assess the exact savings we will pass on to Members once we return to business as usual.

You don't need to do anything to take advantage of this support. We will be in touch with you in due course to let you know how much the support will be and how you will receive it.

It's important to retain your motor vehicle insurance, since it covers you for theft, weather damage as well as the chance of an accident on the way to the supermarket for essential supplies.

Find out more here.

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