A free online resource Docket has been launched to improve the sustainability of businesses and their supply chains. MAS is proud to be one of the partners of the collaboration that created Docket, led by the Sustainable Business Network.

Docket is a toolbox which provides a quick self-assessment to see how well a business is looking after the environment and its team. Where businesses are doing well, Docket provides examples of how they can share those sustainability achievements with customers and networks. In areas where improvement is needed it provides links to tools and resources.

MAS was motivated to support this initiative as a purpose driven organisation committed to a healthier Aotearoa – focused on both people and the planet. With about 70% of a business’s sustainability impact coming from its supply chain, MAS will be using the toolkit in its own sustainability journey, says Nicola Airey, Head of Brand and Partnerships. “We piloted this resource with some of our Members, through their practices, and had a great response. Now we want to build on this momentum.”

“Evaluating our own supply chain and the businesses we support, will enable us to set a benchmark and make the changes needed to be more sustainable. Ultimately it gives us a roadmap.”

The toolbox, which Nicola describes as innovative and easy to use, helps assess an organisation’s sustainability across six key areas.

“We encourage other businesses to use this resource – whether you’re a small-scale supplier, a medium sized organisation or a large corporate. It starts with evaluating how sustainable your organisation is, and then asking the same questions of your suppliers so that you can achieve best practice when it comes to procurement.”

“The rise of ‘conscious consumers’ means customers will increasingly choose to support businesses that align to their values and belief systems. MAS’s key purpose is to contribute to a healthier Aotearoa so we’re committed to doing what we can to make a positive impact on society and the planet. Purpose driven brands like MAS are positioned strongly in this evolving and growing market.”

Holly Norton, Regenerative Design Lead at SBN, says that Docket can help you cut carbon emissions, reduce waste, regenerate nature, keep workers healthy and safe, uphold workers’ rights and eliminate modern slavery.

“There are about 546,000 small businesses in Aotearoa New Zealand. Together they can make a massive difference in reducing their impact on the environment.”

Docket’s key benefits:

  • Quick self-assessment to see how well your business is caring for the environment and your team.
  • Tools and resources that can help you introduce sustainability into your business or improve on what you’re already doing.
  • Helpful ways to share your sustainability achievements ‘success stories’ with your customers and networks. 

Nicola says that if businesses collaborate, connect, and coordinate their activities we can meaningfully reduce our impact on the environment.

“With the climate change emergencies Aotearoa has experienced since the January flood and cyclone event this is needed more urgently than ever.”

The toolbox includes a range of resources such as information to write a business case to improve your business’s sustainability including your purchasing decisions. It was launched on 21 February at an event in Wellington, which included attendees from government, business, industry, as well as community stakeholders.

Why not check out the toolkit for yourself? Docket - Sustainable Business Network

*Docket is a collaboration led by the Sustainable Business Network with MAS; Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; Ministry for the Environment; Wellington City Council; Westpac NZ Government Innovation Fund and WorkSafe. A huge huge thank you to the hard work and dedication of these partners in seeing Docket into existence!

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