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We provide insurance cover for your boat, no matter if it’s a launch, yacht, runabout, jet ski or even a jet boat, offering a wide range of benefits to help ensure you never have to worry about coming adrift.

  • Empathetic and top quality claims service
  • Insurance with wide-ranging benefits
  • Easy to understand policy documents

What we cover:

Ilustration of speedboat on trailer for land and marine cover

Land and Marine

If your vessel is one that’s not permanently moored, like a cabin boat, sailing dinghy, or kayak, we’ll provide cover to the current value of the boat or up to the sum insured.

Illustration of launch in the water for marine only boat insurance cover

Marine only

If your boat is permanently moored at a marina or boatshed this is the option for you. Get cover for the current value of your vessel or up to the sum insured.

Illustration of jet ski for boat insurance

Jet Ski or Jet Boat

Propel your coverage with the right choice for your vessel. This cover option is designed for vessels that have internal jet propulsion systems and is provided to the current value of the boat or up to the sum insured.

Boat Insurance Policy cover at a glance

Insured Events

  • Sudden, Accidental Loss
  • Theft
  • Malicious Damage
  • Fire and Explosion
  • Storm, Hail and Lightning
  • Legal Liability
  • Additional Benefits


    Accidental Death


    Accomodation and Travel Expenses


    Locks and Keys

    As per policy limits

    Parts and Accessories stored at Home


    Personal Effects

    $500 per item, $2,500 per event

    Protection Costs

    25% of Sum Insured up to $10,000

    Racing cover

    As per policy limits

    Recovery Costs

    As per policy limits

    Replacement Boat Purchase

    Purchase price

    Replenishment Costs



    As per policy limits

    Towing following Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown


    Wreckage Disposal


    You choose Repairer

    As per policy limits

    Important Cover Sub-limits

    Policy item


    Legal Liability


    Bodily Injury


    Accidental Discharge


    Defence Costs


    Items limited to a sub-limit unless specified in your policy schedule

    Policy Item


    • Electronic device
    • Trailers
    • Tenders and dinghies
    • Outboard motors

    Limited to $5,000 per item unless specified in the schedule.

    Automatic Additional Benefits - Boat Insurance


    • Accidental Death
      If you suffer an injury and as a consequence die as the result of a sudden accidental event, we will pay $20,000 to your estate. If you are injured, and, as a consequence, die as the result of a sudden accidental event caused by accidental loss covered by this policy, we will pay $20,000 to your estate.

    • Accommodation and Travel Expenses
      We will pay up to $1,000 to cover any necessary and reasonable additional accommodation and travel expenses that are incurred to complete your journey following an accident.

    • Locks and Keys
      We will cover the reasonable cost of replacing locks and keys (including electronic access cards and transponders and remote door openers) if they have been lost, damaged, stolen or duplicated. No excess needs to be paid for your first claim under this benefit. That first claim will not affect your No Claims Bonus. The most we will pay for any one event is $1,000.

    • Parts and Accessories stored at Home
      $1,000 cover for boat spare parts and accessories that are stored at home in a secured location.

    • Racing Cover
      Wind-powered boats are automatically covered whilst preparing for, or participating in, a social race in New Zealand. This includes cover for damage to the boat’s sails, masts, spars or rigging.

    • Recovery Costs
      If your boat can no longer be powered or sailed as a result of a claimable event, we’ll pay the reasonable cost to remove it and transport it to the nearest repairer or place of safety.

    • Replacement Boat Purchase
      Any replacement boat purchased is automatically covered for 30 days on the same terms and conditions as the existing policy.

    • Replenishment Costs
      We’ll pay the necessary and reasonable costs (up to $2,000) incurred by you to replace, replenish, or refill safety flares or fire extinguishers used to safeguard your boat against loss.

    • Rewards
      If we agree in advance, we will cover the cost of any successful reward payment made to assist in the recovery or protection of your insured boat.

    • Time Trials
      The policy is automatically extended to cover loss that occurs whilst you are participating in a time trials conducted under the control or regulation of a club, association or equivalent body as long as your boat speed does not exceed 30 knots.

    • Towing following Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown
      If your boat suffers an electrical or mechanical breakdown whilst afloat, we’ll pay the reasonable cost (up to $500) to remove it and transport it to the nearest repairer or place of safety.

    • Wreckage Disposal
      If we’ve accepted a claim under the policy, and your boat is deemed uneconomical to repair, we will pay up to $500 to dispose of the boat at a landfill or disposal site.

    • You choose your Repairer
      You can choose to either use one of our preferred repairers and we’ll guarantee their repairs, or you can select a repairer of your choice.

    Optional Benefits

    Extended geographical limits: For an additional premium on your boat insurance policy, we’ll extend the standard 250 nautical mile limit on the policy to include Australia and the South Pacific for any trips you may be doing to these regions that do not exceed six weeks in duration.

    Why insure your boat with MAS?

    As a mutual, we work for you, our Members. We seek to ensure that you’re getting the best possible cover for a fair premium and excess.

    We provide the following additional benefits for insuring with MAS:

    • Easy to understand policies.
    • Top quality and empathetic claims service.
    • Insure your contents and your house and/or car/motor vehicle and you’ll be eligible for our multi-product discount. Insure your motor vehicle, house and contents and you’ll be eligible for our Goldshield discount. Your boat policy can also have the Goldshield discount applied once you have your motor vehicle, house and contents insured with MAS.
    • Where an event results in a claim under this policy and another policy you hold with us, you only have to pay the total excess that applies under the policy with the highest total excess.

    Boat insurance is only available for MAS Members who hold other general insurance products (excluding boat insurance) with us. Underwriting criteria applies.

    This webpage is intended as an information guide only and does not form part of the policy document or any contract with MAS. This webpage does not consider your specific financial situation, needs or goals. You can find out more about financial advice at MAS hereNormal underwriting criteria apply for all insurance products. Special conditions and/or excesses may apply to the situations that meets your specific needs.