MAS is working with the Earthquake Commission to make it easier for Members to submit claims relating to natural disasters.

Currently, if your house or land has been damaged by a natural disaster like an earthquake or a flood, you may need to submit two claims.

One claim is made to EQC and covers the first $150,000 worth of damage to your home. For any damage over $150,000 – or for damage to paths, driveways or swimming pools – you need to submit a second claim to MAS. This can be very confusing and can cause delays to the settlement of your claims.

We are part of a group of eight private insurers working with EQC and the Insurance Council of New Zealand on a new process for these claims. Once the new system has been established in the first half of next year, you will only need to submit a single claim to MAS – regardless of the amount of damage.

This means MAS will manage the entire claims process from start to finish, making the claims process simpler and easier during what are extremely stressful times.

As part of this new process, we will also provide data to EQC about where insured homes are located, so that EQC can better model its exposure to natural hazards.

This new system will not apply to any existing claims currently being dealt with by EQC. It will only be for any new claims that are made after the system goes live.

There is still work to be done over the coming months to ensure the new process works smoothly. We will notify all Members with house insurance policies when the new process is officially up and running, with clear guidance about how to submit a claim.

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