The marketing and agency world is under greater pressure as it faces the constant challenge of delivering results through innovation, digital disruption, fresh insight, and brilliant execution. This can easily take its toll on both teams and individuals. As an industry, we need a much greater awareness of personal wellbeing and how to build resilient mental health to foster the best of people.

Marketing Association event 30 Oct 2019

MAS and The Marketing Association are excited to be championing this timely conversation together with representatives such as Cassie Roma (Head of Content, The Warehouse Group) from our industry and mental health and wellbeing experts like Jude Becroft (Registered Clinical Psychologist, Umbrella) and Robert Dunne (NZ Country Manager, Movember Foundation).

  • Wellbeing in the workplace as marketers: where are we at and what are some of the unique challenges faced by individuals in our industry?
  • The squeeze of creative work: late nights, client demands, unrealistic deadlines, imposter syndrome, self-criticism
  • What to do when your work impacts your mental health?
  • Can we talk about it? making it okay to not be okay
  • What tools can we use to look after mental health and wellbeing in the workplace?
  • Lived experiences and lessons learnt


30 October 2019


5:30pm - 7:30pm


Green Room, Level 4, 52 Tyler Street, Auckland


This is a free event. Book now as spaces are limited!

Register here to reserve your spot! 

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