MAS's Annual General Meeting for 2022 was held online on 31 August.

We thank all those Members who attended the meeting, and who cast votes on the various resolutions and the election. We appreciate the views of our Members and we are grateful to them for setting aside the time to contribute to the future of our mutual.

The meeting opened with MAS Chairperson Harley Aish taking Members through the Annual Report and offering his thoughts on some of the highlights of the 2021-22 Financial Year, and what MAS will focus on in the year ahead.

Members then heard from MAS Foundation Chairperson Jenny Gill who reported on the MAS Foundation's activities over the past year, including the work it has done on refining its funding strategy. 

The second half of the meeting was taken up with the discussion of the proposed resolutions and election, which you can read about in more detail in the Notice of Meeting.

  • All of the resolutions were approved:
    • The minutes of the 2021 AGM were approved.
    • The 2022 Annual Report and Financial Statements were approved. 
    • The remuneration to be divided among all the directors of MAS increased from $746,000 per annum to $780,000 per annum. 
    • Brett Sutton was re-appointed as Commercial Trustee.
  • Professor Frank Frizelle and Dr Kate Baddock were re-elected as Practitioner Trustees. 

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