STONZ, a union advocating for and run by resident medical officers (RMOs), and MAS, a member-owned insurance and investment provider founded by doctors, have agreed to work together to support RMOs throughout New Zealand.

By working together, MAS can help STONZ members to get ahead financially and protect what’s most important. STONZ and MAS will collaborate to ensure postgraduate doctors receive the advice they need to get on track financially early in their careers. Support will also be provided to migrant doctors, to make sure they receive the benefits they are entitled to, like matching employer superannuation contributions.

The partnership will help STONZ connect with a wider audience of junior doctors and provide a more holistic service to members. For MAS, the partnership demonstrates a commitment to supporting the next generation of doctors in New Zealand and ensuring they are well-served financially.

Christina Matthews, President of STONZ said, “We share a lot of the same values, we’re here to support our members, our training, and our patients. So, it felt like the right thing to do”.

Rachael Macdonald, Acting Chief Member Advocacy Officer at MAS believes the partnership is a natural fit. “MAS has had longstanding partnerships and relationships with generations of doctors and the professional bodies to which they belong. The partnership with STONZ is a natural extension of this and together, we will look after the interests of our core medical membership and new doctors for many years to come.”

The partnership officially began on 1 July 2023.

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