Summer road trips: what you need to know

By MAS Team | 11 December 2019

If you're heading off on a road trip this summer, here are a few things to consider before you go and should an accident happen. 

Before you go

  • Check the pressure on your tyres and their general condition.
  • Top up your window cleaner reservoir and fix any windscreen chips or cracks. 
  • Pack your bags securely to prevent them from becoming missiles if you have an accident. 
  • Think about getting your car serviced before you hit the riad, particularly if your WOF has almost expired.

If something goes wrong

  • It's a stressful time. but try and remain calm. 
  • Stop your car, take the vehicle off the road if you can and turn off the engine. 
  • Make sure everyone is safe. Provide any assistance you can to anyone injured. 
  • If necessary, send someone up the road to warn oncoming vehicles. 
  • Clear any broken glass and other debris off the road if you can do so safely. 

Insurance claims

  • Do not admit liability. 
  • Exchange details with the other driver(s) and any witnesses: name, address, phone number, registration number and the insurance company for all drivers involved. 
  • If an uninsured driver is involved, it's important to identify them and their vehicle.
  • If the Police attend, get the officer's name and ID number.
  • Contact your insurer. 
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