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Managing Business Risk

Owning and running a business comes with increased responsibility. And having the right insurance is an essential part of managing the associated risks.

Whether you’re starting a new venture or growing your existing business, ensure you’ve got the cover you need for a thriving business

  • Replacement value cover
  • Market value cover
  • Natural disaster damage cover
Business Risk Cover

Buildings Cover

Protect the buildings used in connection with your business. Choose between Replacement Value and Market Value to cover your business from water damage, stolen keys or mitigation costs. This cover also includes any capital additions and alterations you wish to make.   

Contents Cover

Our Contents Cover policy protects the tangible assets of your business like plants, furnishings, electrical equipment, stock in trade and money. We’ll even provide cover for portable contents, accidental damage and counselling following a covered loss.

Business Interruption Cover

If your business is impacted our Business Interruption policy will cover the consequential profit-loss. This may include if you are required to occupy a temporary premises, if there is damage caused to a building you lease, or if there is an interruption of supply goods, services and utilities.

Legal Liability Cover

Our Legal Liability Cover protects you against those costs you become legally liable to pay in the event of accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to property owned by someone else. This insurance only covers events that occur in New Zealand in connection with your business.

Employers Liability Cover

Employers Liability Cover protects you against costs you become legally liable to pay in the event of accidental bodily injury sustained in New Zealand by any of your employees, in connection with your business.

Statutory Liability Cover

Statutory Liability Cover provides cover for fines and penalties if you are prosecuted for a strict liability offence under any Act of the New Zealand Parliament. You must have committed the offence accidentally.

Employment Disputes Cover

If you accidentally breach an employment agreement outlined in the the Privacy Act 2020, or the Human Rights Act 1993, our Employment Disputes Cover will provide cover for all damages you become legally liable to pay. 

Employee Dishonesty Cover

Employee Dishonesty Cover provides cover for loss of money and other property belonging to you, or in your custody, occurring as a direct result of any act of dishonesty or fraud committed by your employees.

Why insure with MAS?


Zero Commission

MAS advisers aren’t paid an incentive, which means they’re commission-free, and as a benefit of membership, their advice comes at no additional cost.


Trusted by New Zealanders

Our Members tell us we're here for them when it matters most and our reputation for helping with claims has meant we now look after over 40,000 Members and their families.


Charitable Status

We have a Charitable Trust, which means any surplus will be returned to your communities to fund health research, promotion and education in New Zealand.

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