The pandemic does not affect these types of insurance in any way. If you have one of these policies with us, you’re still covered.

We are still processing claims normally but there may be delays in getting repairs carried out.

While the pandemic does not affect your cover, it will affect how quickly we can organise repairs for you. Supply chains bringing parts into New Zealand are being disrupted and many repairers won’t be operating at the moment. There are some exceptions if your repairs are essential in some way – usually if they affect your health or safety – or you’re an essential worker and you need them to be done to carry out your work.

Our Claims team will be able to let you know what’s likely to happen if and when you submit a claim.


Even if you’re not driving your car at the moment, you should keep your cover in place

Your car insurance covers you for theft or damage while it’s parked in your garage, driveway or on the roadside, as well as during occasional trips to the supermarket.

In fact, many of the claims we receive under motor vehicle policies have nothing to do with accidents and are related to vehicle theft or damage that is caused by another party or by weather events such as hail-storms.

You should keep your contents insurance in place, even if you’re in lockdown at home

As well as covering you for burglaries, your contents insurance also covers you for damage to your belongings from fire, floods or accidental damage.

Even if you’re at home most of the time, your contents can still be damaged. In fact, the risks of accidental damage may increase given how much more time you’re spending at home.

Another important reason to retain your contents policy is the temporary accommodation benefit that comes with MAS contents policies.

This benefit covers the reasonable costs for you and your family (and pets) for alternative accommodation, including moving your property to and from the accommodation, should your house become uninhabitable due to a loss covered by the policy. This benefit also applies if you’re a renter.