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Running a successful practice is no longer just a matter of having excellent clinical skills.

HealthyPractice provides you with professional advice, support and resources to help you with a range of employment, practice management and ownership issues.


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Help across these areas of your business

Human Resources

Employment agreements

HealthyPractice includes template sample employment agreements, contracts for services and variations for your use.

Position descriptions

Regardless of the size of your business, a detailed position description for each staff member will be of enormous significance when it comes to dealing with performance or disciplinary matters.

Skills assessments

Skills assessments can be a valuable tool for analysing skill levels for job applicants prior to interview and assessing staff training needs

Recruitment processes

So, you need to fill a vacancy or create a new position – where do you start and what processes can you use? We outline the basic steps and provide you with a downloadable Recruitment Process Checklist.

Performance management

Assessing the way your staff are performing is important to both your practice and your staff.

Disciplinary advice

Advice and resources for taking an employee through a disciplinary process.

Legal and risk


Practice ownership

There are several ways to structure ownership of your practice. It is important to take the time, and specialist legal and accounting advice, to get this right for your circumstances as changing structure can take quite some time and expense.


All practices should have a clear governance and management structure. In HealthyPractice you can download an example of a governance and management structure.

Business and office management

Having a well-managed office with sound policies and procedures in place is essential for the financial health of your practice.

Practice buying and selling

Buying or selling a practice will have significant financial and legal implications and it is important that you take the time to make the best possible informed decision.

Practice valuation

We have health sector information and valuation methods to help Members and their accountants to assist with formal valuations.

Business models and structures

HealthyPractice has practice and shareholder agreement templates for most group practice structures


HealthyPractice has Practice, Partnership and Shareholder Agreements are available to download and tailor to your needs in conjunction with your legal advisors.


Cost and profit sharing

Information on cost and profit sharing structures and methods to help you make informed decisions for your practice.

Financial management

Create a system for managing finances in your practice with HealthyPractice's finance fundamentals guide.

Managing debt

Explore information on managing debt in your practice and follow our checklist to help make debt management easier.

Financial reports

HealthyPractice has helpful information on budgeting, cashflows and financial statements.

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This guidance is of a general nature and isn’t a substitute for legal, taxation or financial advice.