Five everyday actions to improve wellbeing

By MAS Team | 8 October 2018

These five ways to wellbeing from the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) provide a blueprint for the simple actions we can do everyday to improve our wellbeing.


The NEF review describes wellbeing as functioning well in the world, plus:

  • Feeling good about yourself and your life
  • Being curious about what’s going on around you
  • Enjoying what you do
  • Having positive relationships, and
  • Having a sense of control and purpose in your life.

Both the NEF and the MHF recommend building these five simple actions into our day-to-day lives to improve our wellbeing.


Connect with those around you, your family, friends, neighbours, classmates, and colleagues. Connecting with these people will support and enrich your life.

Be active

Exercise is very important, so find an activity you enjoy. Whether it’s going for a run, walk, bike ride, dancing or gardening – it will make you feel good.

Take notice

Be mindful of the moment you are in, take notice of everything around you, and be curious.

Keep learning

Take up new challenges and push yourself to keep learning, not only is it fun but it will increase your confidence as well.


Do something nice for someone, whether it’s small or big – giving someone a smile or volunteering yourself, giving is rewarding.

A hand reaching out to receive a black paper heart from another hand

You may be doing many of these well-being actions already. If so, great stuff! Keep it going. If not, make a plan for how you can start to build one or more into your daily routine to give your wellbeing a boost.

Stuck for ideas? Check out this resource from the MHF for some suggestions.

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