It’s no secret, student life isn’t all champagne and caviar. Especially over winter. Between hard-to-heat flats and comfort food – it’s tricky to keep costs down when you’re studying. So we asked students to share the best ways to keep the temperature up, and the bills down.

Home is where the heat is

Open the oven: after using the oven, leave it open and let the heat flood out and warm your home. 

Check your power: go to Powerswitch and see if there's a cheaper power plan than the one you're on. 

Hang your heat: invest in thermal curtains from The Warehouse and drape your space in warmth. 

Ditch the fan: electric blankets are cheaper than fan heaters because they use less megawatts per hour. 

Spread the heat: moving your oil heater to the cold side of the room distributes the heat more evenly. 

Yong lady hugging oil heater

Young smiling woman in raincoat

A to B on a budget

Carpool: nothing new here, but if you're serious about saving, get the gang to share a ride together.

Get a raincoat: if you're only going a short distance, make it a walk and slap on a raincoast to save on fuel. 

Switch off the heat: the heater in your car can increase fuel consumption by 8-10%. Wrap up before you leave.

Save on insurance: we offer competitively priced motor vehicle insurance with very low excesses. 

Get Gaspy: find the cheapest station to fill up your car with Gaspy – the free app for saving on fuel.  

Eat well, but not TOO well

Meal prep: planning your meals isn't just for fitness junkies. It will helpy ou hold off from takeaways. 

Keep it seasonal: stock up on seasonal veges than use the Supercook App to inspire your meals. 

DIY prep: convenience comes at a cost. So ditch the microwave meals and pre-prepared ingredients. 

Put on a potluck: next time your friends want to go out dinner, suggest a potluck at yours. Yay leftovers. 

Stick to a list: write your shopping list before you go so you're not overwhelmed by temptations. 

Group of friends sitting around a table eating dinner together smiling

woman using phone to access banking

Put a plan where your pennies are

Get Sorted: do yourself a favour and use tools from Sorted to make a budget you can actually stick to. 

Spread savings: use multiple bank accounts to spread savings and stop you from "accidently" over spending. 

Ask us: MAS offers free financial advice for students, so whatever your financial goals are, we can help

Smarter splits: if you're sharing flat expenses, use the Splitwise App to keep track of who owes who. 

Track your dollars: make a note on the go when you spend money. The Pennies App makes it easy. 

There you have it, the top winter budgeting tips from the people who understand the struggles of student living. As the cold sets in, we hope you can keep costs down, and maybe even save some dough for when the sun’s shining.

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