The dos and don'ts of studying from home

By MAS Team | 22 April 2020

Learning from home comes with plenty of perks, but a few hurdles too. Privacy goes out the window. Group assignments take even more effort. And the allure of bed is too close to handle. 

So to help keep you on track, here's the dos, don'ts and disciplines of studying from home. 

1. Stay on track.

With all the temptations of home and our regular schedule out of whack, it's easy to slip into sloth-mode. So it's good to stick to a routine. No matter how you're feeling, get up, dress up and show up.

DO: keep up your extensive skincare routine.

do keep up your skincare routine

DON'T: let your pyjamas become a uniform.

dont let your pjs become a uniform article

2. Find your window.

Not a morning person? We're all wired differently. Here's a chance to figure out your most productive window of the day. Find your power hour and make the most of it. And 'tomorrow' doesn't count. 

DO: study at a time that suits you.

do study at a time that suits you

DON'T: put everything off 'til tomorrow.

dont put everything off til tomorrow article

3. Get set up.

With your bed constantly calling your name, it's important to be disciplined about your study setup. Desk or no desk, work with what you've got to create your own study sanctuary.

DO: get comfortable.

do get comfortable article

DON'T: get too comfortable.

dont get too comfortable article

4. Check in.

Social isolation can be harmful to our mental health and even our immune system. So it's time to swap memes, get up to date with those group chats and teach Gradma how to video call. 

DO: stay connected.

do stay connected article

DON'T: become a vlogger.

dont become a vlogger

5. Stay put.

Your professors and classmates are all of a sudden all up in your personal bubble, which might get a little intrusive. So for the sake of your privacy, stay in one spot during video calls. 

DO: wear pants.

do wear pants

DON'T: pull a Jennifer.

dont pull a jennifer

There you have it. Five simple dos and don'ts to keep your eyes on the prize when studying from home. Of course, everyone works differently, so you do you. And all the best for ignoring the sweet siren call of your bed. 

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