We're all guilty of spending heaps of time online. But now with lectures and group projects online too, it's easy to miss connecting with our Profs and uni mates IRL.

Luckily, being an online student in 2020 has perks. Like tonnes of apps and online tools to help you connect and collaborate. Skype and Zoom? So March 2020. Here's what you need. 

I need: to make sure I stay productive (and my group too!)

We get it, it's easy for that one episode of The Office to turn into the whole first season. So these tools keep you and your groupmates on track and accountable to get it all done, on time. 


I need: to chat through my questions with others

Sometimes you just need a space to bounce around all the questions in your head. And the more help – the better. That's where these easy-to-use group chats do the trick.


I need: some face-to-face time

Group chats are great, but face time is better. Plus, if you're a visual learner these new video chat apps are a must. Best part? Unlike real life, you can mute anyone, anytime.


I need: to collaborate with my group

Okay, so you may have heard of these. But they're classics for a reason. Use the various Google apps for collaborating on essays, reports, presentations, spreadsheets and more. 


I need: a place to brainstorm

You might work better when you can scribble down your thoughts. And it it's a visual project with others, you'll want an interactive space to share your creative ideas. Enter: Miro, Stormboard and Twiddla. 


I need: somewhere to store my projects

Sending a bunch of files back and forth between group members can get pretty annoying. Not to mention, time consuming. Store projects in these shared spaces and you're away. 


I need: to have fun with my friends!

Probably the hardest part of jumping into online learning is not seeing familiar faces every day. But there's still plenty of ways to chill together and have a laugh 'after school'.


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