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Life, Income & Disability

PLP Policy Upgrade 2018

Your PLP cover is even better

We are continually reviewing the cover we provide to our Members to ensure it best meets your needs.

A recent review of our Special Events Increase benefit identified a need for Members to increase their Life Insurance, Recovery Insurance and TPD cover when increasing their shareholding in a business, practice or partnership.

So, we’ve added new ‘special event’, to your Special Events Increase benefit. If you increase your shareholding in a business, practice or partnership and incur debt or liabilities of more than $25,000, you can apply to increase your Life Insurance, Recovery Insurance or TPD sum, without underwriting.

We have also improved the cover we provide for the children of Members with Recovery Insurance cover.

  • Children of the insured person are now covered for up to $100,000.
    This cover is provided free of charge and does not require you to complete an application form. All children of the insured person are automatically covered.
  • Children’s cover has been extended.
    Children of the insured person are now covered from 3 months to 21 years old.
  • Your Children’s cover conversion benefit has been enhanced.
    Children can take their own PLP Recovery Insurance policy, up to $100,000, when they turn 21. No medical evidence will be required.

All changes apply from 10 December 2018.

Updated policy documents, including these changes, can be viewed below.


PLP Total and Permanent Disablement Policy module

PLP Recovery Insurance Policy module

PLP Life insurance Policy