Receive your account balance by text terms and conditions

By completing an email form to opt in to receiving your investment balance by text and/or texting INVEST to 3118 and confirming your MAS Member number, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You are registering to receive an automated SMS text once a month with the balance of your MAS KiwiSaver Plan and/or MAS Retirement Savings Plan with Medical Assurance Society New Zealand Limited.
  2. You may at any time receive your balance when you text the word BAL to 3118.
  3. The service is only available to Members using a NZ mobile phone number
  4. All standard data rates apply. These can be confirmed with your provider. 
  5. As at 01/07/2020 all SMS text messages are at the cost of MAS.
  6. MAS reserves the right to apply a charge to all investment balance/s SMS text messages sent and received by you. If we do so, you will be give at least 30 days' notice and you may opt out of the service. 
  7. You may deregister at any time by texting STOP BAL to 3118. This will remove your mobile phone number from the service. If more than one Member number has been registered for the service using your mobile phone number, the service will stop for all the registered Members. You can re-register a particular Member number by texting INVEST to 3118.
  8. MAS does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever beyond these terms and conditions. 
  9. MAS reserves the right to vary any of these terms and conditions at any time without providing notice (unless stated otherwise).