Graduating in 2023? Here's how we can help you get ahead!

MAS is helping graduating students get ahead with a free financial health check-up with a MAS Adviser and the chance to win $3,000!

Graduating from a tertiary institute is an important milestone in your life and the starting point to your professional career. There are lots of things to do and plenty more to think about and it can feel like a lot to sort, so our MAS Advisers are here to help. They will sit down with you at a time and place that suits, or organise a video or phone call, and help build a plan that works for you.

That way, you can get on with everything else.

"Doing the financial review made me start thinking about that sort of stuff [financial decisions], whereas I never thought about it before.” Jesse, House Officer PGY1, Tauranga

“It's great to have someone like Justin explain the nitty gritty stuff that I'd have to listen to hours of podcasts to figure out for myself. I'll definitely utilise that resource again.”

Maria, Trainee Intern, ChCh

Register to win $3,000!

Graduating students in 2023 can register to win $3,000 with MAS. Once you've signed up, a MAS Adviser will be in touch to book a time to talk and to help you understand how to protect your financial future. After you talk with a MAS Adviser, you'll also receive a free gift from us to celebrate your graduation, plus you'll go in the draw to win $3,000!

To register go to

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What will I talk about with a MAS Adviser?

This is a chance for you to get answers about your future finances before you start your dream job or go on your overseas experience. You’ll have a one-on-one session with a MAS Adviser, who will tailor their advice to your individual situation and speak plainly.

What can I expect?

It is a no-obligation review to discuss the upcoming changes in your life and how you can prepare for them. Your MAS Adviser will ask you questions that you might not have thought about. They work out hot to protect what matters most to help make sure you’re set to go into your professional future all covered.

How long does it take?

Your review will take less than an hour.

What will happen after I talk with a MAS Adviser?

Your MAS Adviser will help you act on the advice and recommendations that you want. If now’s not the right time, they’ll keep in touch so that when you are ready, they can help.